Splash – 2018 is here!

Seems like Mother Nature let up on us a little this month – certainly enough to get to the yard and get our boats in the water!   Our first get-together is still set for 19 May at the Sag Harbor Yacht Club.  Hope you can make it there!  The plan for the 2018 season (other than “safe boating”) is to communicate, communicate, communicate.   Where’s the best anchorages, the best seafood fests, where is everyone going next weekend or next month, how do you fix X, Y, or Z…  You name it.   We’re still looking for volunteers to help with the Communications, Social, and Membership Committees – so if you’re so inclined please contact us when able.

Enjoy the site – modifications (from the webmaster) come every two weeks or so, but there are many places you can post your own ideas, plans, or pictures.   Safe boating one and all!


NENTOA’s GOAL: to enhance the ownership experiences and maximize the value of our Nordic Tugs by sharing ideas, findings, cruising information, and local knowledge.

Safety First…

If we’re serious about “safety first” then let’s keep “safety” on the NENTOA home page – at all times! Click here for different articles, blogs, safety videos and more, all related to safe boating. Safe, smart boating is the common denominator for all mariners – please share your ideas any time by contacting us at MyNENTOA@gmail.com.


Plans are in place for a spring shakedown cruise to Sag Harbor Yacht Club – 19-20 May.   This will be the first of our NENTOA “mini-rendezvous” this season.  If you’re interested in participating click here to reserve a slip at the specially negotiated NENTOA rate.