There’s color EVERYWHERE

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Of all the regional Nordic Tug groups (Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, etc.) we have to be considered among the most fortunate this time of year as New England and the Northeast turns into a splash of Fall colors.   Planning for 2018/19 winter storage can be a “downer”… but for a few weeks in October and November at least that sinking feeling is uplifted by the delight and awe of amazing Autumn hues.   Enjoy the Fall and feel free to post your favorite Autumn photos on our gallery!

Safe boating one and all!


Safety First…

If we’re serious about “safety first” then let’s keep “safety” on the NENTOA home page – at all times! Click here for different articles, blogs, safety videos and more, all related to safe boating. Safe, smart boating is the common denominator for all mariners – please share your ideas any time by contacting us at

2018 NENTOA Rendezvous and Cruise is in the History Books

In the end, six boats/couples made the entire cruise up and down the Hudson.  Thanks again to Joe and Marjorie Pucciarelli for all the planning and coordination.   Preliminary discussions are already underway for next summer’s destination/plans.  If you have ideas or would like to volunteer in some capacity, please contact us directly!