NENTOA’s goal is to enhance the ownership experiences and maximize the value of our Nordic Tugs by sharing ideas, experience, cruising information, and other nautical and local knowledge.


Welcome to Fall Tuggers!

Where did the summer of 2019 go?   I hope you all had LOTS of opportunities to get out on the water this summer.   If you’re lucky enough to have the time, fall cruising “ain’t” so bad either – beautful colors (trees and sky!), less crowds on the water and in the marinas… it’s all good!

Following up on discussions that took place during the summer Rendezvous, we’re doing our best to get out ahead of the 2020 schedule (Rendezvous and Cruise) while at the same time refocusing on the Association’s Bylaws and functional structure.   We are doing all we can to make membership as meaningful as possible.

The upcoming meeting on November 9th in Essex is going to be extremely important to us all.   In advance of the meeting – next week – we’ll release the updated NENTOA Bylaws for your review and for ratification during the meeting.  With them, you’ll also see the Committee Structure that we’re asking EVERYONE to participate in (in one form or another).  Finally, we’re also reviewing the Rendezvous and Cruise programs and will release that information at the meeting and shortly thereafter by email.

MANY changes to the NENTOA web site are in the works, all of which are aimed at improving the usefulness and making the content as relevant as possible for the broadest cross-section of our members.  If you have any ideas from other sites you’ve seen or associations you’re involved with, please do not hesitate to share them with us (  Also, if you have ANY experience with website creation/maintenance, we’re looking for a few more sets of hands (fingers!) to help bring to its next plateau!   

See you on November 9th at the Annual Business Meeting! 




Special Rendezvous Session…

Nancy Rhodes and Sue Baker, MD
First Aid on Your Vessel
Nancy and Sue are medical professionals with years of experience. They’ll cover a wide range of topics from First Aid kits to emergency treatment aboard.  IMPORTANT – Nancy and Sue would like all attending to download, print and have with you this linked document.  THANKS in advance!

“From the Factory”

This section of the NENTOA website is set aside for our friends at the Nordic Tug facility in Anacortes, WA. It’s a quick way to share developments of all kinds with our group.