It’s getting closer!

NENTOA’s goal is to enhance the ownership experiences and maximize the value of our Nordic Tugs by sharing ideas, experience, cruising information, and other nautical and local knowledge.

G’day Tuggers!

With the arrival of the vernal equinox (first day of Spring for those of you who didn’t take Latin in High School), two things are certain… first the Spring NENTOA luncheon isn’t far away!  (SEE BELOW)  And nor is that wonderful word “splash” … when our 125 Nordic Tugs get off of those blocks and back where they belong – in the water!

This year we’re hoping to add more structure and more member involvement to NENTOA from all of you who have written and suggested everything from mini-cruise locations to training they’d like to receive/offer to helpful links related to maintenance, events, or general information they’d like to share.   All of this will be part of (Version II) – which is under review as we speak.

SO… “watch this space” and get ready for a great (and safe) 2019 boating season!

BTW – there is no truth to the rumor that at 12:00-noon on the Spring Equinox the sun shines through the lighthouse lens atop Wilde Yacht Sales office in Essex, CT and reflects off mirrors that then wake Ben Wilde from a winter hibernation!  I went there to check in person… and Ben was in the Caribbean!


Safety First…

If we’re serious about “safety first” then let’s keep “safety” on the NENTOA home page – at all times! Click here for different articles, blogs, safety videos and more, all related to safe boating. Safe, smart boating is the common denominator for all mariners – please share your ideas any time by contacting us at