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G’day Tuggers!

With the record-breaking NENTOA Spring Luncheon in the history books, it’s full throttle ahead to SUMMER!

Nearly 70 Nordic Tug owners and operators gathered for the 16th Annual NENTOA luncheon at the Essex Yacht Club on March 31st.   In addition to safety and systems briefings, the greatest take-away from the meeting was the establishment of four Association Committees AND the consensus of where and when the annual Rendezvous and Cruise would take place.

The RENDEZVOUS is set for the weekend of July 20 & 21 at Essex Island Marina.  Stay tuned for the detailed schedule of events for those two days.  From there, the CRUISE sets off (from Essex) to Block Island on the morning of the 22nd of July and carries on for another 12 days.   The complete itinerary is posted on the NENTOA Calendar.  If you’re planning to join the group at any/all of the stops along the way, please make your marina reservations soon!  Check the calendar for that information as well.

Finally, if you’re interested in participating on, or need to contact a member of the MEMBERSHIP, RENDEZVOUS, EDUCATION, SOCIAL, FINANCE, or CRUISE Committees please visit the Committee page on this web site.

Game on! 

Safe boating one and all!  



Safety First…

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