Part 2: Building in Nordic Tug Style – Background

Before I jump too deeply into the fun stuff (about building a new Nordic Tug), I think some background will be valuable.

In 1989 (you remember the 1900’s ?), my wife and I sold our Catalina 22 sailboat that we used to sail our three little girls (30+ now!) around the Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida and relocated to North Jersey – about 25 miles west of the Hudson.

For the next 25 years of armchair sailing, it seemed to us that our only real option for getting back into boating was centered around Haverstraw Marina and going up and down the Hudson – something that didn’t really appeal to us at the time.  One thing led to another – raising four kids and running a business – and voilà!, it’s 25 years later.  

In 2014 we somehow found ourselves in Baltimore around the time of the TrawlerFest and decided to drop into the show.  We had no clue about trawlers or any kind of power boat for that matter, and even if we were considering getting a boat of any kind, there was still that up the Hudson/down the Hudson (mis)perception that held us back.

Trade shows work!  And in Baltimore, we met the folks from Wilde Yacht Sales (Essex, CT) who not only introduced us to Nordic Tugs, but more importantly (at that time) to the idea of Essex, CT as a home port and the myriad of boating destinations “New England” has to offer reachable from that location.  WYS did everything they could to help my wife and I not only get comfortable with the idea of buying a boat, but boating in general and to be honest, the allure of NENTOA (or what we envisioned NENTOA might be) played a huge part in steering us away from Azimuts or Grand Banks or any other brand for that matter.  We loved the idea of being part of a large active group of boaters.  Again, one thing led to another and by 2016 we were proud owners of one of the first recently-redesigned Nordic Tug 40s… Hull #05 to be exact.

So that’s how we went from “Zero to forty…”  And if you click the Leave a replybutton below, you can share YOUR “How I got into boating” story.  Would love to hear it!

All that said, three boating seasons later and now it’s 2019, and THIS is where the “Building in Nordic Tug Style” story really starts!   Happy reading.