Building in Nordic Tug Style

Nordic Tug is turning out anywhere from six to eight boats per year (of all sizes) but of late the recently re-designed NT44 has, for reasons outlined below, surfaced as a popular “order” for the almost 40-year-old boat manufacturer. The “44” fly bridge, redesigned to F64A63D6-2FA4-4E13-B1E8-68765171212Eallow more room in the pilot house and master stateroom, and most dramatically the “internal” stairway from the pilot house to the fly bridge, is the focus of this blog as Nordic Tug, Wilde Yacht Sales, and my wife and I have undertaken the task of building the a Nordic Tug 44 (or us!) on the water. There have been dozens of lessons learned and even more “what ifs” in the last six months since we formally signed the papers for 44-126 and I thought I’d share some of those with you as we’re about 1/2 way through this journey from the drawing boards in Burlington, WA to commissioning next Spring on the east coast.