Essex Island Marina chosen for the 2019 Rendezvous

At the recent Spring Luncheon we suggested that the 2019 Rendezvous and Cruise would start at Mystic, CT…  However, different members of the Education Committee and Rendezvous Committee started looking into the lay of the land there in Mystic and in the end it was concluded that Essex Island Marina is far better suited for our needs.   SO… Plan accordingly, the 2019 RENDEZVOUS is going to be at Essex Island Marina.   We’ll have more details to you ASAP – stay tuned and keep watching this post.

THANKS WYS for the research/efforts to date – time for the Education and Rendezvous Committees to get cranking on the content!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Essex Island Marina chosen for the 2019 Rendezvous

  1. Tom says:

    If we’re talking about setting off flares, needing a pool for raft training or other “unique” requirements, Essex Island is definitely the better choice. Let’s plan a mini-cruise to the Mystic Seaport Marina another time this Summer. First round’s on LIBERTY.

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