Switch from TV to Cable TV

ds_tvcableswitchBob Shamek gave me a good idea at the Norwalk Boat Show regarding the installation of a cable TV connection box. In my case, however, I already had an external TV antenna and wiring concealed and connected via the wiring raceways. I wanted to be able to easily switch from the regular antenna to a cable hookup. Therefore, I brought the cable TV connector box in just above the external electrical input boxes ahead of the starboard pilothouse door. These cable input boxes are sold by West Marine and look identical to the electrical input boxes which Nordic Tug installs. In my case, all three are now lined up on the starboard side making for an attractive layout from the outside (see top photo).

ds_tvportI then put a coax switch in the instrument compartment in the pilothouse so that I can easily switch between the regular antenna and cable when it is plugged into the marina cable system. The coax cable from the cable input box to the switch runs in the cable raceways to the overhead instrument box in the pilothouse (see photo). Therefore, everything is out of site and the clean appearance of the pilothouse is maintained.

Dick & Mable Seymour
Sea Mischief – NT 32-144