Propane Control Relocation

Although we find most features on the NT37 to be well thought out, we were not happy with the location of the Xintex propane control. From the factory, the control is located on the DC electrical panel below the circuit breakers.


Since the control is normally out of sight, it seemed we were always forgetting to either turn the solenoid valve on when we wanted to use the stove or forgetting to turn it off when we were finished cooking.jw_propane_control1

Our solution was to move the control to the teak panel outboard of the appliance garage (Photo 1). Now the control is convenient to the galley, easy to operate, and clearly visible when using the stove. The only downside of this project is that it leaves a 2-inch jw_propane_plaque2hole in the electrical panel. We did a little experimenting with a photo editor, resizing and adding an outline to the NT logo, printing it on photo paper, and using it to cover the hole (Photo 2).

Photo 3: Removing the refrigerator was an additional element jw_propane_access3of the job, but it slid out easily after removing the four screws in the mounting flange. The resulting ease of access to the area behind the electric panel to run the new wiring along the existing harness made this extra step worthwhile.

jw_propane_wiring4Photo 4: The new terminal strip was added behind the electrical panel. This strip was used to extend the controller wires to the new location. Disturbed wiring is noted by the orange tie-wraps.

Photo 5: This photo was supplied by another owner who had added an XBM battery monitor to his DC panel. If consideringjw_xbm5 the same upgrade, it looks like the Xantrex will fit the same footprint as the Xintex. Here’s an opportunity to make two improvements and not leave any holes or create new ones.

Jim & Pat Waskowich
Grand Adventure – NT 37-142