Marine Gear Drain Hose

mcc_gearhoseTired of spilling when changing the oil in the marine gear? On North Star we have a Twin Disc MG5050 transmission. The drain plug is just above the floor of the bilge and can’t be seen. The plug is threaded as 1/2 inch NPT. I took it to a hydraulic hose shop and had them assemble a hose of blue Aeroquip with appropriate adapters at the ends. The male end installs in place of the drain plug and the original drain plug caps the other end. The hose runs aft and then turns up and runs forward and is wire tied to the port longitudinal stringer.

To use it I cut the wire tie and remove the plug. I can then pump through the hose or invert the hose and drain the oil into a gallon jug placed in the bilge alongside the shaft. For my arrangement, a 30 inch hose worked and the total cost was $55. I used an appropriately sized “crowfoot” (see “Raw-Water Bolt Removal” to see a crowfoot) to tighten the hose in the drain.

Jim & Mim McCrea
North Star – NT 32-154