Holding Tank Sensor Connections

The concept of the project was to replace that part of the factory wiring between the Tankwatch sensor assembly and indicator panel closest to the sensor assembly; this included corroded male and female disconnect connectors that had been placed in a difficult position for access. In addition, I wanted to provide for strain relief for the wires at the sensor assembly to allow for unscrewing the assembly for cleaning.

The existing wiring used 8-conductor Anchor brand signal cable (available at West Marine) with the red and black conductors unused as only 6 conductors are needed (the remaining conductors matched the colors used by the factory in my case). I cut the sdj_term_stripfactory wire at a convenient point for placing a 6-position terminal strip terminal strip as shown in the first photo. (The terminal strip is by Blue Sea, available at West Marine, and has #6 screws; hence the 12 terminals should be for #6 screws.) I would add a note here that the factory used a plastic loom to protect this wiring and in that loom was other wiring; do not just cut the whole thing!!

I ran 6 feet of signal cable to the sensor from the terminal strip, routing it out of the way as best I could in the space forward of the engine belt guard. This cable was connected to the wires exiting the sensor with crimp-on butt connectors sealed with the usual goop as sold at West Marine and then the whole set of connections covered with a 3 ft length of shrink wrap tubing (1/2 inch diameter will shrink up about right). (I have not found this to be economical at West Marine; Moser Electronics or Mar-Val Electronics or any general electronics supply store will probably be cheaper.)

At the sensor, I screwed a small wire-tie base to the top of the sensor assembly and sdj_sensorsecured the bunch of 6 wires to it with a wire tie as shown in the second photo.

In use, I can unscrew the sensor assembly without disconnecting at the terminal strip for minor cleaning; and I can disconnect if needed for more serious cleaning.

Frank & Marian Johns
Reward – NT 32-227