Fuel Polisher for 37

Fuel polisherPhoto 1 – Algae-X FPS-500 mounted on custom aluminum bracket (approx 3”) forward of the water tank in tank room. View from salon, aft into tank room hatch. Fresh water pump on right (port). Power to unit is taken off our 20 amp Reverso Pump breaker.

Photo 2 – Fuel polisher comes from the factory mounted on starboard as shown. Installation in tank room is facilitated by mounting entire system on a 3/8” aluminum backing plate which is secured into prefabricated top andbottom aluminum brackets. Top bracket is aluminum angle stock mounted to tank room ceiling. Bottom mount is same angle stock with ears welded on each end. Mounting is secured by bolting the ear through the stringer to an aluminum “L” bracket. Hoses going out to port & starboard tanks return polished fuel to each tank. (As an aside, the port fuel tank is the one that receives excess engine fuel with the starboard tank receiving the excess genset fuel.)

Photo 3 – The lower left side of this photo shows the port side of the custom bracket which is through-bolted to the stringer. The black and red hose returns polished fuel to the port tank and can be seen running under the Jabsco water pump and then up toward the top of the port fuel tank where polished fuel is returned to the tank for circulation. For this installation we used Bellows-Flex hose which is spiral-wire reinforced and can be used in vacuum and pressure service.

Photo 4 – View of port fuel tank as seen from tank room. The red striped hose to the left returns polished fuel to the tank. On our 37’ tug, each fuel tank had an existing return port which was blanked out, making the install much easier since we didn’t have to modify either the tank or the existing fuel return hose.

Photo 5 – Photo looking forward in tank room. Note macerator pump in upper right. We cut the fuel crossover line and “spliced” in the manifold that came with the unit. When not polishing, both port and starboard lines are left in the open position to facilitate fuel crossover between tanks. When polishing, fuel in each tank can be cleaned separately by closing off one tank at this “in from” manifold and opening the corresponding “out to” valve on the fuel polishing unit.

Photo 6 – Close-up photo of manifold installed into fuel crossover line. Note prop shaft lower left.

Photo 7 – Tank room looking forward to starboard with floor plates removed. Note fuel line to polisher is installed under and away from the floor plates.

Photo 8 – Completed install (tank room floor boards removed for photo).

Bob & Tracy Gardner
Ventana – NT 37-091