Cleaning Water Tanks by Installing Shut-Off Valves

With guidance from Carl Peterson at the factory, I cut the waterline which connects the two water tanks on my boat and installed shutoff valves and a hose connector in ds_tankshutoffbetween the valves. I had wanted to really slosh a heavy chlorine dose in the water tanks and clean them out good, but didn’t want to run the 12-volt fresh water pump to try to move that much water in a short period of time.

With my hookup, I can drain one tank at a time with an external 115 volt AC demand pump connected to the hose fitting just mentioned. By shutting off the water valve on one water tank and opening the other, I can selectively drain and rinse, drain and rinse each tank. This system really worked well and I think I got both tanks about as clean as one can, given the closed installation on the Nordic Tugs.

Dick & Mable Seymour
Sea Mischief – NT 32-144