Instrument Panel for a 32

djj_instrument_panel32.3506When we purchased our 32, three years ago, the main instruments (yoke mounted Fishfinder/Chartplotter and Radar and a compass) were mounted so that they took up most of the flat surface at the helm and did not leave space for a chart book or laptop. In addition, the autopilot and Tridata were mounted in the overhead console so that we were constantly looking up and down when coming into shallow areas.

I liked the idea on the newer tugs of a panel in front of the wheel and played around with some layouts before settling on a design. A simple plywood sheet with some adjustable legs for angle was a great help to ensure the angle was good and didn’t restrict forward visibility. The final design was made of 3/4″ teak with bullnose molding for the sides and 1/2″ teak for the panel and forward shelf. The shelf was scribed to fit the angle of the pilot house in situ. I added 12v outlets on both sides for accessories and have yet to mount a pancake fan in one side for better ventilation. I was careful to use only screws to mount the panel to the sides so that I could replace it if I get rich one day and buy a 15″ multipurpose screen!

The panel was finished using the multi-step NT process and looks like original equipment. I now have room for my 17″ laptop to the left of the panel and a chartbook.

Dave & Judy Jones
Sir Tugley Green – NT 32-190