Install Icemaker on a 37

My wife wanted an icemaker on our newly purchased NT 37. We measured and determined the space under the port seat in the pilot house might work. I then purchased the Raritan Icer-Ette ice maker model # 2375947. This model has a pin type lock that holds the door tightly shut and also in a slightly open position when we’re away from the boat and it’s not in use. We then removed the small cabinet door at the bottom that opens into the bottom shelf forward of the salon seat and beside the stairs to the pilot house. The opening for the ice maker was cut along with the second shelf. The ice maker sits nicely on the floor with a shim or two. The lip is screwed into the sides of the opening. The water and electrical line were threaded through an opening already there for the A/C unit controls into the engine room. Unfortunately we had to cut and splice the electrical line as it could not be removed from the ice maker and the plug was one of those permanent kind. I did not want to drill a hole large enough to accommodate the plug. The electrical cord was plugged into the 110 outlet in the engine room. Naturally it was tidied up with plastic clamps. The water line was passed from the engine room under the bulkhead and simply teed into the line from the pump. My wife is thrilled. It takes up very little space and is out of the way. The entire process was simple and easy. The only negative is the cabinet door opening is slightly larger than the ice maker and thus leaves a gap or hole. I planed a piece of the wood that was removed down to about 1/8 inch thick and cut it to fit.

Lee Barber
Aerie – NT 37-013