Hot Water Heater Bypass

ds_bypassI added a bypass kit to the 6-gallon water heater so that I don’t have to pump 6 gallons of antifreeze into the water heater to get it to flow through the hot water side of the boat plumbing.

This kit is made by Flair-It which is the same manufacturer of the plumbing in my boat.

This job is not for the faint of heart as it is very difficult to disassemble the piping to the water heater, install the bypass fittings and pipe and get it all back together without leaks. Once done, however, it works wonders when winterizing as you don’t pump unnecessary antifreeze through the hot water heater.

I do wish the factory would include this feature as it would be easy at time of manufacture and probably cost $15-20.

Dick & Mable Seymour
Sea Mischief – NT 32-144