Galley Cabinet

ds_galleycabinet2This teak cabinet was a winter project and makes a nice addition to the galley on Sea Mischief. It is primarily made of two-sided teak plywood. The door and doorframe are made of solid teak with a rippled fiberglass insert in the door. These components are made similar to the way Nordic Tug makes all of their doors and doorframes. The cabinet was constructed with joinery corners so that only the teak veneer of the plywood shows. The teak towel rack below the cabinet is a commercial product from West Marine. We had previously installed speakers in the Salon so did not want the galley cabinet to extend to the ceiling of the salon. Hence, the custom construction. Now that I have the router bits for the doors and the “English pull,” I hope to add at least one door beneath the forward bunk as others have done. This was a big job, but a satisfying one once it was finished.

Dick & Mable Seymour
Sea Mischief – NT 32-144