Door Shelf/Armrest

rc_armrestThe door shelf was inspired by a safety issue. I felt very exposed and unsafe standing at the helm with the door open. I also felt I needed a shelf to put my elbow on too. I used four sets of picture-hanging overlapping brackets to hold the shelf. They give the stability I needed and make the shelf easy to put in and remove. I also cut out the handhold in the center of the shelf as a place to grip if needed.

The door shelf is placed just below the door handle (to allow the door to slide all the way even when the shelf is in position). The shelf is right at the proper position to lean on and if I smoked, it feels just like the place to smoke a pipe and be as nautical as you want. The grip hole was placed exactly in the middle of the shelf and I hold onto it much of the time when sitting at the helm. If I made another shelf, I would move the grip hole forward a little to better match my forearm length. A small piece of non-slip on the shelf makes a perfect place to put my hot chocolate while under way.

This modification has made our boat much safer and more user friendly.

Rocky & Kristi Champagne
Tuffy – NT 26-011