Companionway Seat

ds_companionway1We have modified the companionway in Sea Mischief (Nordic Tug 32) to be able to install a seat in this opening whenever it is needed. The factory helped us by making a seat which is identical to the bench seat on the starboard side and the single seat on the port side. In fact, for our situation, the companionway seat was exactly the dimensions of the normal port seat. Teak rails were installed fore and aft to hold cross rails and easy-disconnect “hatch locks.” The teak rails were notched to accommodate the cross rails (also teak) on which the extra seat cushion sits. The cushion is then locked in place with the easy-disconnect “hatch locks.”

ds_companionway2This seat is not designed for extra sitting space, but rather to create a full bench across the pilothouse. It makes a dandy place for the “captain” to stretch out when on a long run and the “first mate” takes the helm. Yet, the “captain” is very near by in case the “first mate” senses an emergency or has a question about her course or wants to gab. I suppose the “first mate” could ds_companionway3stretch out as well, but that is not the usual configuration on Sea Mischief! This companionway seat also makes for a narrow but nonetheless suitable extra bed for a not-so-wide person. It has served as a great napping place for a rather-wide person when in port on a lazy afternoon with the breeze flowing through the pilothouse.

Dick & Mable Seymour
Sea Mischief – NT 32-144