Wood Stove-Top Cover

jc_stovetopBed Bath & Beyond carries large-sized cutting boards. We found one that is actually a pastry board with large rings etched on one side, plain on the other, for $20. As it turns out, the board fits perfectly and didn’t even have to be cut down.

We made two rails out of some 1 x we had in the scrap pile at home. Cut to the exact width of the inside perimeter of the stove edge and fastened with SS screws in the correct fore and aft locations, the board fits tight and does not slide in any direction.

jc_stovetop2We sanded the board completely to a very smooth finish and applied four coats of mineral oil, sanding the final two coats of oil into the wood with 400 grit sandpaper.

It was a simple project and it gave us a great cover for the stove.

Ruth Jansson & Bette Conner
Annie B – NT 32-172