Multi-Function Box

mcc_stepMim is a bit vertically challenged and can’t see very well at the helm so we built her a box to stand on and it has turned out to have a variety of functions – hence the name.

The box is made of 1/2 inch plywood epoxied together and with all edges rounded. Made out of good marine plywood and given a number of coats of Cetol, the box has a nice look. To understand the dimensions, think of the box on the floor of the pilot house by the helm. It is 24 inches wide by 14 inches fore and aft by 8 3/4 inches high. The height dimension is important as it lets the box fit under the lid of the pilothouse steps and up against the step during rough weather. At other times, it sits on its end to the left of the helm console and stays there in all but the roughest weather. At the helm, the 24 inch width lets the user stand with legs apart for a good stance in rough weather.

We put two strips of non-skid tape on the top of the box to help the user “get a grip” and store it with the tape side out to avoid scratching the teak trim by the helm.

In addition to its use at the helm, the box makes an excellent dock step making it easier to access the pilot house door from a low floating dock. Finally, up-ended, the box makes an excellent seat at the table in the salon. I know as I have eaten many meals with guests while seated on it.

Jim & Mim McCrea
North Star – NT 32-154