Door Guards

mcc_guardupWe have always been nervous about running North Star (NT32-154) with the pilothouse doors open fearing that we, or a guest, would get tossed out hitting an unexpected wake, especially since the step was just the right height to flip someone overboard.

We have the older style metal doors with the wood interior frame. We made bars for each door using 1 inch SS tubing and bimini hardware screwed to the door frame. They are mounted at waist height and after a year using them, we believe that they are an excellent solution.

mcc_guarddownFor each door, in addition to the tubing, you will need 2 SS deck hinges (West 592677), 2 SS external eye ends (West 592644) and 1 SS fastpin 3/16” x 1” or 1 _” (West 102566).

Remove the bolt from one deck hinge and drill the threads out so that the fastpin can be inserted. This deck hinge will be screwed with 1 inch #10 screws to the inside of the door frame positioned so that the fastpin can be inserted from the inboard side while providing clearance for the door to slide closed.

Screw the deck hinge with the bolt to the forward side of the rear part of the door frame at a similar location. Cut the tubing to size and assemble using Loctite on the set screws for the eye ends and the deck hinge bolt.

To open the guard, pull the fastpin and drop the guard. In installing the deck hinges, it is important to get them high enough that the guard fits when lowered in this manner.

After lowering the guard, I replace the fastpin so I always know its location. To complete the installation, I fastened a white Beckson holding clip (West 242321) to the rear door frame so that the guard can be clipped into it when lowered.

These door guards give us a great sense of security when operating with the pilothouse doors open and are especially useful for taller operators. We put them on both doors and feel more comfortable when guests are aboard, especially those who are not familiar with boats.

Jim & Mim McCrea
North Star – NT 32-154