Chart Storage on a 32

jc_chartclosetWe like to store our charts flat and have easy access to them. Our solution was to build a false floor in the bottom of the cavernous closet just forward of the pilothouse on the port side.

The false floor is in two parts, a front section and a back section. It is supported by 1×3 pieces of pine and covered in the same material that was in the closet already. A teak border rail from BoatUS completes the installation and keeps stuff from sliding out.

As we accumulate more charts, we can easily raise the floor to accommodate them.

Of course while we were in the closet we added some shelving. It’s just regular household stuff installed upside-down (with the front piece facing up instead of down) to keep things in place.

Ruth Jansson & Bette Conner
Annie B – NT 32-172