Wiper Blade Removal Tool

aem_blade_remover1This is a simple, inexpensive tool, made for removing the wiper blade. I got it from Whitney, but it’s probably available at auto parts stores. It is not complicated like an impeller puller or a faucet puller, no penetrating oil required after my wiper arms sat on the shaft for 5 years.

It is a flat chromed metal strip about 6 inches long x 1 inch wide.

aem_blade_remover2It has a slight bend about 1/3 the way down to provide a leverage.

The operative part is a small, loose metal hook on the end.

The hook end engages underneath the wiper arm hub. A little pressure on the end of the flat tool lifts the arm right off the knurled shaft.

This item is available from JC Whitney (www.jcwhitney.com) as Wiper Arm Remover, PN# ZX158464T, cost: $4.99 + S&H.

I got wiper blades (without arms) from:
AM Equipment Co.
PO Box 790
402 E. Hazel
Jefferson, OR 97352

Phone: 541-327-1546

The ones for my 2000 32-178 were Straight Blades PN# 302-1060.

Al & Evelyn McKenney
Nordic Star – NT 32-178