Wave Slap Preventer

ds_wavepreventer1In response to the wave slap noise that is characteristic of Nordic Tugs and many other hard-chine boats, I attempted several solutions. These included small fenders linked end to end and swim noodles alone. I found it impossible to hold any stand-alone devices like these in place under the chine. Therefore, I had my canvas man make up two panels of sailcloth with integrated pockets for two ds_wavepreventer2swim noodles. The top picture shows the two panels laid out flat. The pocket for the swim noodles is also visible. A second picture of the end of the swim noodle pocket shows the size and fit for the two swim noodles in each pocket. The end of each pocket is “tacked” down so that the noodles won’t slip out, but can be easily detached to remove the noodles if desired.

The two panels are connected together with three small lines that slip under the bow when the Wave Noise Preventer is deployed. These lines are sized lengthwise to keep the pockets tightly snug under the flat chines right at the water line. The panels extend about 2 1/2 feet forward and aft of the point where the waterline meets the chine. The combination of the swim noodles (in their pockets) tightly against the flat chine and the sailcloth on either side of the pockets hold the Wave Noise Preventer in place and stops the noise generated by small wave slaps on the chine. It does take two people to “scoot” the Wave Noise Preventer into place and secure it tightly.

The sailcloth panels each have 6 grommets for the connection lines that slip under the ds_wavepreventer3bow as well as the lines that attach to stanchions on the deck which hold the Wave Noise Preventer in place. The panels are 5 feet 8 inches long. This length accommodates standard length swim noodles. Each panel is 18 inches wide on the bow end and 24 inches wide on the aft end. The pockets are on a slight angle from bow to stern with the stern end down about 4 inches or so on the sailcloth panels.

A picture of the Wave Noise Preventer deployed on Sea Mischief is also shown. Should anyone have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dick & Mable Seymour
Sea Mischief – NT 37-108