Sliding Hatch

rc_hatch1I modified the rear hatch from a hinged version to a slider so that when open, it did not block the view to the stern from the pilot’s position. When tipped up it was always in the way.

I made the two wooden rail extensions from walnut and made sure to cut “limber notches” in them so the water would not be trapped on the rear deck. I used aluminum metal strips on both the upper lip and on the lower one because is was easy to work with. Stainless would be nice but it’s hard to drill/cut. I attached one strap to the existing bottom edge and extended it the whole length of the existing hatch to the end of the new extensions. I attached (with screws) the upper aluminum strip to the hatch itself so that the two strips rc_hatch2overlap like when you bend your fingers on both hands and overlap them in a grip. I attached the wooden extensions to the deck with screws and 5200 adhesive.

I locked the slider with a bronze gate bolt on the vertical back of the roof hatch and the female hoop on the upper hatch itself. I also installed brass screen-door-type hooks on each side of the hatch to the deck piece.

Rocky & Kristi Champagne
Tuffy – NT 26-011