Rear View Mirrors

djj_mirror_starboard_3507After finding a need to keep turning around to check for other boats in the channels to many of the Michigan harbors, I started to look around for mirror options but none of the usual interior mirrors gave sufficient coverage and I couldn’t find a car mirror that would work. On the way back from our slip, I noticed that all the trucks use auxiliary convex mirrors. At the local truck part store, they had a variety of stainless steel circular mirrors, 4″, 5″, and 6″. I selected the 5″. The mounting brackets were not really djj_mirror_port_3508great but all of the mirrors had a 1/4-20 stub. I had a spare hinged jaw bimini fitting for 1″ tubing and by chance it had a 1/4-20 threaded hole.

It mounted perfectly on the hand grip on the leading corner of the pilot house and gives a great view alongside the boat out to around 20′ at the stern. I also mounted one on the port side with great results. The mirrors are invaluable in crowded spaces and when docking the boat—all for around $30 each.

Dave & Judy Jones
Sir Tugley Green – NT 32-190

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