Grilled Pineapple


1 whole ripe pineapple
4 tbsp butter
½ tsp cinnamon or to taste (I like more)
1/3 cup brown sugar
Dash of salt
Tin foil

Make a tin foil bag.  Peel pineapple and cut into 8 spears (with core).  Swipe each spear with butter.  Place in bag with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.  Give the bag a gentle toss.  Place on medium heat grill.  Turn the bag over about 10 minutes into the grilling. Pineapple should be warm and caramelized in about 20 minutes.  Be sure not to burn the sugar.  Serve immediately either alone, over ice cream or pound cake.  I also add bananas which might otherwise become to ripe if not eaten.  A real crowd pleaser!