Green Bean Bundles


2 lbs. snap green beans (fresh or frozen – if frozen get the whole green beans – 2 pkgs.)
1 lb. bacon
Brown sugar
1 stick butter

If using fresh green beans, snap off pointed tips and blanch in salted water for three minutes – remove to ice bath.  Defrost if using frozen green beans.  Drain the beans and pat dry.  Cut bacon in half, so that each piece is about three inches long.  Wrap one piece of bacon around 6-7 beans, making bundles (number of beans will vary depending on the length of the bacon.)  Place on a cookie sheet with the bacon end tucked on the bottom.  Melt butter, brush exposed part of beans (not covered by the bacon) with the melted butter.  Drizzle brown sugar over entire length of the bundle.  Bake at 350 degrees, until the bacon has cooked.  About 20 minutes.  Monitor progress as ends of the beans can over cook rapidly at the end.

Serves 6-8